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This sweet little girl had no problem what so ever getting up close and personal with the baby chicks. She adored them from the moment she arrived…and I think the chicks adored her right back. They preferred sitting in her lap and would climb out of the baskets just to get back to her. She was so comfortable in front of the camera and seemed to really enjoy herself – a dream model 🙂

I wasn’t really aware that I found chicken feet so cute, but between the dangling chicken toes and her expressions…I melt.

I have found that there are some who go through life and without thinking about it, they never just “stand there”…they always “strike a pose”. This child is so full of personality and this pose shows just a little of her “sassy” side.

At 3 1/2 she was amazingly chatty and told us all about the coming visit from the Easter Bunny. But, at other times she seemed to just get lost in her enjoyment of the chicks…some of these moments are my favorites.

I love her expression, the way she is holding the chick, her dress against the blue… 🙂

Such a fun session. And what a great model 🙂

So enjoyed meeting you both…thanks for visiting me.

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