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Catching up on posting some recent shoots. First up, this adorable little guy. What a handsome little dude. And quite the charmer too. When his father asked him to blow me (and the camera) a kiss, he thought for a moment then got right up and came over to me, moved my camera out of the way and gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek. I love my job 🙂

And, I just love those gorgeous eyes.

He loved playing catch and brought his favorite ball. Look at the delight on his face. And, I learned that despite my best efforts…I am not capable of catching that ball in the air while taking pictures 🙂

When this little guy arrived, I had music by Jack Johnson playing (from the Curious George movie 🙂 ). His Dad commented that he was more of a Rock fan.  We changed the music and his face lit up. He even danced for me! What a hoot!

I so enjoyed meeting this little one and we had such a nice time in the studio. Thanks so much for coming to see me!


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