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The baby chicks were such a big hit with the little ones who visited the studio for our Chick Mini Sessions. First up was this little guy…just adorable. He was a bit unsure about the chicks at first, giving them a lot of room in the beginning, but quickly warmed up. It is hard to resist those fuzzy little creatures…they will win anyone over given a little time.

Some of my favorite shots are of the children interacting with the chicks. They are so gentle and sweet…the wonder and awe perfectly displayed on their faces. Look at that little finger petting the chick’s head.

Had to chuckle at the two chicks who have escaped the basket below. The one with her wings thrown up in “wild abandon” makes me smile.

I love this one! The chick decided to take matters into her own hands…um wings?…and slowly made her way right up his shirt. He was a little surprised, but pleased. So sweet.

Check out that little grin. What a little charmer…and to think he is only 6.

Thanks for hanging out with me and the baby chicks. You made my day 🙂


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